When I wrote this article, I was reminded of what I was thinking about when I was in school and college.

You could say that during college and school, I was a lucky student. I got a full scholarship from the school I was in, so I didn’t have to…

Yesterday I explained a little about what flow/zone is and why playing games feels so much fun with flow/zone.

Now, are you ready to enter the zone stage like Kagami or Kiseki no Sedai?

Okay, I will share a few tips. I took these tips from a book called Flow……

Life is your choice.

Remember that? It is your first step in finding your self-worth. You must realize that your self-respect is your choice.

Your self-esteem is not determined by your parents by getting you to study at prestigious universities with exorbitant passing grades. Your self-esteem is also not determined…

Mesti Sukses

A student who is passionate about getting better and making the world better.

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