Life is Full of Surprise

When I wrote this article, I was reminded of what I was thinking about when I was in school and college.

You could say that during college and school, I was a lucky student. I got a full scholarship from the school I was in, so I didn’t have to pay a penny to school there. Besides that, my achievements in high school reached their peak so that I could represent my province to compete in the national level competition.

Even when I was in college, I felt that I was lucky. Still getting scholarships from the government, I don’t have to mess around with all the trivia about tuition fees. Even the government’s daily expenses have been borne so that all I did was focus on studying.

You could say that I was pretty independent, even without working at school, because I got my pocket money from the prize money that I spent little by little so I didn’t have to ask for money when I wanted something.

A good start, right?

However, it seems that things did not end well. The scholarship for my college term has been revoked because I couldn’t finish my studies on time. I try not to trouble my parents by making extra money for my own tuition fees.

Finding a job is not as easy as turning your hand, especially in a bad year like this year. But I tried to prevent myself from being seen as unemployed at home and not burdening my parents.

Finally, I got a job offer with a salary that was practically very minimal. But because looking for a job is not that easy, I have been working on my job until now.

When I wrote this article, I had been doing this job for over a year without realizing it. Apart from taking up time, this job also took up my mind, so I was forced to take time off from college to focus more on work.

Until now, I still haven’t finished college and try to divide the right time between work and study that I dream of.

It looks like life doesn’t go away like in the movies, huh?

Life doesn’t seem to have a happy ending. It has lots of plot twists and unexpected events. Whether there are bad or good consequences, life seems very difficult to predict.

Look again at this year; who can predict that this year will be very annoying?

Who would predict that a human would lose to something their eyes could not see? Who would have predicted that the economic progress that had been built for nearly ten years would soon collapse because of that small object?

No one.

Nobody predicted that would happen in 2020.

But instead of realizing our inability, there are still many of us who are still steadfast and loyal to predict and prepare for our future, as if we can see it.

When our predictions are victorious and triumphant, we feel that we have control over our lives. That indeed, this life is something that we plan ourselves with our strength.

Every success always confirms this, making us realize with great confidence that we control our lives. We are successful not because of luck but because of our thoughts and efforts.

That thought is very naive, even though I also thought that way when I was in school.

Every time I achieve achievement in the world of school, I always imagine that I will finish my studies quickly, continue to the next level, and get the job I dreamed of.

But life wasn’t that good.

We all have to admit that the future is not within our control. Life can sometimes be a jerk so that we continue to be the months without escaping from all the bad luck that befalls us. Without this awareness, we will continue to be shackled by something we cannot see but frustrate ourselves by it.

If you still don’t believe the little surprises that life brings to you, you can look at the ranch. Can you imagine how the livestock on the farm felt?

Chickens that are on farms are more prosperous than those in the wild.

Every day they are fed regularly, without even trying. Since childhood, they have always been treated like this to the point that they might think humans were created to feed them every day.

Today, the chickens feel confident that humans are slaves who feed them.

Tomorrow, their faith will be confirmed again. The day after tomorrow, their belief was still proven that humans were indeed slaves who fed them.

For almost three months, they still felt sure that their life should be lived in a relaxed manner without thinking about food because there were slaves who faithfully gave them food directly.

However, are they aware of what awaits them when the KFC truck comes to them?

Life is full of surprises.